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Cut the panettone in half through the paper mold and cut the half into desired slices.


Our Panettone Bendito has a shelf life of 45 days. To preserve its freshness, keep it tightly sealed in the bag that it comes in and store it at room temperature away from direct heat or sunlight.


Enjoy panettone at room temperature or lightly toasted for 2-3 minutes at 190 degrees Celsius and pair it with a coffee, tea, or dessert wine.

Italian Tradition
The origin of panettone is with the popular custom in the Middle Ages to celebrate Christmas with a bread richer than everyday bread. A manuscript from the late 1400s by Giorgio Valagussa, the instructor at the House of Sforza, documents the ducal habit of celebrating what was known as the log ritual. On Christmas Eve, a large log of wood was placed in the hearth and, at the same time, three large bread loaves made of wheat, the prestigious grain of the times, were brought to the table. The head of the household served a slice to all the diners, keeping one for the following year as a sign of continuity. Nowadays, every bakery must test itself with the preparation of panettone, which has become the symbol of Christmas not only in Milan but throughout Italy. There are also festivals for tasting different kinds of panettone, which has enchanted all Italians from north to south.

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