So pleased to announce our next sourdough Workshop, we’ve had so much interest and requests to do this again since our last workshop and are so excited to do this again.

The workshop will be on Feb 4th from 9am-1pm. It’s a beginners sourdough workshop and we will provide you with the knowledge on how make your own sourdough bread easily and consistently to suit your own schedule.

Our philosophy is making great bread is EASY, so many courses and guides complicate things tremendously, we aim to strip away the nonsense and leave you with fundamentals of understanding, teaching you to control your sourdough rather your sourdough controling you?

The course will also include the chance to make your own sourdough pizza and french fougasse, which will share together with a bottle or 2….. of organic wine @bodega_schatz at the end of the workshop.

The course is an amazing opportunity to learn a new skill for life and meet new interesting people.


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